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[sticky post] Jul. 5th, 2015

"Yasashiku warau kimi ga
Kono jikan ga kuukan ga
Nakitaku naru kurai
Ichiban daiji na mono da yo"

before after of "double MJ"



Do you feel like a plus one guest? :D

Double MJ!

.::VSA 2015.08.06::.


kenta vs momo

the angry face of Nino to Ueto aya in Babanuki 2017 :D
I always like it if Ueto aya come to Arashi's show!


my thought, my feeling..

I always hated it when oshima be a guest on the Arashi's show!
she is annoying! >,

uta no onii-san

my favorite of Ohno's drama after Maou!



Just watched the last episode of Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri..

I will miss Holmes.. and I miss my cat :')


fishing with Ridaa ^^

..not wonder why Ohno likes fishing!
because the fishing was fun and addictive..
I love fishing too^^
I love when the fish takes my bait and pull it :)
aah.. I want to fishing again
and really, fishing makes the skin becomes dark,
I think my sunblock not really work hahaha

The one that I like from Arashi..
They always enjoy whatever food is given to them!


kohaku '16

Streaming kohaku nowww.. aaaaa Ninooooo, Arashiiiii !!!!! \o/
Ganbattee Aiba chan :D


Arashi ultra strong game

I'm glad I can watch this show even without sub.
This is amazing

Seems Jun are challenging Nino..

I feel anxious when I saw this

Jun and Nino have the same expression when watching one another diving

The expression of other members when watching Jun dive

Sho was worried about punishment :D

..and these are their comments about this game ten years later :D